What are the advantages of Indoor, Temperature Controlled Storage?

When looking for a neighborhood to live in, you want one that is clean, safe and protected. Shouldn’t you consider those same qualities for the place where your belongings are to be kept? At That’s STORbiz!, we provide clean rooms in a temperature controlled, secure environment.
If you’re searching for a self-storage facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, consider one that has temperature controlled rooms. The benefits our self-storage facility and temperature-controlled rooms offer include:
• The cost of temperature controlled self-storage can be less than replacement cost. • Temperature of facility between 55 and 82 degrees. • No worries about pests, temperature damage or corrosion during long term storage. • Sensitive items are protected. • More privacy than drive-up storage units.
• Prevention of yellowing and mold/mildew on fabrics. • Additional protection from flooding and water exposure (melted snow, rain, humidity), as units are enclosed in warehouse. • Cleanliness as a result of being enclosed. • Protection from extreme temperatures – wood and metal expands and contracts due to freezing and thawing.

A storage unit is useless if your items get ruined while in storage. Prevent harm to your belongings by storing them in a temperature controlled self-storage facility. That’s STORbiz! has many temperature-controlled units available and offers convenient month-to-month leasing. Call or visit us today for unit availability and pricing information.